Simple Steps to Success

You decide to change
The world around us changes – it is becoming increasingly complex, fast-paced and demanding. We change and go through transitions all the time. Whether you want to develop leadership skills, consider your career choices, or reflect on personal matters, I’d love to accompany you on this journey of change by exploring your values and beliefs and discovering what you can achieve.
Book a free discovery call
I offer a free introductory call to everyone. It is an opportunity for you to talk about your situation and what you want to change, as well as for both of us to get to know each other and understand if coaching can help you.
Start your coaching journey
We will agree on the number of coaching sessions and work together to (re)discover your strengths, and identify and overcome barriers.
Let’s explore together
You will find new ways to lead, use your courage, and even embrace your imperfections. We will work to identify actionable ideas and skills you can practice throughout your coaching, and after.
Reach your goals and grow
You will discover how rewarding and transformational coaching can be. We will ensure that you meet your initial objectives and have a plan to continue taking steps that propel you to grow towards your authentic self.

I can help you with

Leadership Coaching

All leaders, whether new in their roles, or highly experienced, face difficult challenges and obstacles. Adopting a new or more senior role, leading organisational change and managing uncertainty can all be worked in leadership coaching.

career coaching

Get more clarity about where you want to take your career and understand how you can succeed in meeting your career ambitions and goals, developing your skills and strengths.

Personal coaching

Life can be difficult, messy and complex. Through coaching, we will work together to bring change in your life, face challenges or crises and gain new insights.

My coaching philosophy

I believe that people are whole, resourceful and creative. I work to help (re)discover this, finding answers, solutions and direction. 

My approach is collaborative; I work with you. Coaching is client-led; it is like going for a walk in the countryside with you leading the way. I might suggest some alternative routes if I see that there are interesting and helpful areas to explore. 

During the coaching engagement, I maintain a helpful level of curiosity and I will likely be asking several questions, in an insightful, exploratory and purposeful way. This will help you to identify what’s actually true for your situation, including the real causes of your problems and frustrations.

At times, I might be encouraging, and at others challenging or silent, creating a space for you to think; these help you achieve clarity on where you are in your life and the changes you wish to make. In the process, we will deal with unhelpful assumptions and beliefs that function as blockages to your progress.

The relationship we build in coaching is important for your learning and growth. Coaching relationships are built upon authenticity, openness and trust. We build this trust together and create a supportive environment.

My coaching is about connection, collaboration and change.

Coaching Programmes

The coaching programmes are designed to offer the best outcomes for you and are between three and five months long. Both offer enough time to explore issues, address challenges and bring about the lasting change you wish to see. I also offer one-off longer sessions to address specific questions and bespoke programmes for organisations.

We can always discuss and define the best approach for you when we start. You can find more practical information in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Discovery call

A 45-minute introduction and chemistry call
We will talk about what you want to change or achieve, as well as get to know each other.
It is an opportunity for you to learn more about coaching and how you can benefit from it.

Single or follow-up coaching session

One hour session to address a specific issue or to follow-up on coaching work we have already done together through a coaching programme.
Ideal to sense check improvements and changes or to address a specific new challenge.
It works well to maintain accountability and motivation to keep growing.

Laser coaching

One and a half hour intensive coaching conversation.
Ideal for addressing a specific obstacle or making a strategic decision.
Be ready to get challenged and get to the point.

Standard coaching programme

Six one-hour coaching conversations over three months.
It includes contact and support via email in between sessions.
Ideal for addressing persistent issues
It provides space to reflect and find solutions and skills that will help you improve the areas you want to change.
It includes one 20-minute progress review call after programme completion at no extra cost.

Transformational coaching programme

Ten one-hour coaching conversations over five months.
It includes contact and support via email in between sessions.
Ideal for deep reflection and for challenging beliefs that can help you transform as a leader into a more authentic self.
The longer period will give you more time to explore, test and practice the behaviours and skills you wish to develop. It is really about becoming the person you are when you are at your very best.
Includes two 20-minute progress review calls after programme completion at no extra cost

Team day

For organisations

This is an opportunity to offer laser coaching to your team
Six-hour, one-on-one and/or group coaching over one day.
Ideal for strategic thinking, co-creation, team building, problem-solving etc.
Includes three 20-minute progress review calls at no extra cost.
Team days can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. Let’s talk about the approaches that will work best for you.

You can find more practical information in the Frequently Asked Questions page.