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If you want to work, lead and live authentically I will work with you to connect with your courage so that you can navigate complexity, thrive and make a difference for yourself and others.

About you
You are a leader or future leader and need a space to think, change your mindset and perspective, and grow your skills — for you and your organisation.
About you
You wish to lead a life aligned to your values and your authentic self.
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About you
You seek to improve, change, or progress your career.
About you
You want to explore a more fulfilling attitude towards work and life with increased confidence to face any limiting factors and beliefs.

Let’s explore together

Having the thinking space to navigate complexity and get clarity and confidence
around your work or life makes it possible to go through difficult situations,
important decisions, change and growth.

We build a working alliance through coaching.

Choose your focus

Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching provides time to stand back and think about the bigger picture and your development.

It allows the space to make decisions for the benefit of your teams and the organisation.

Career Coaching

Career coaching can help you in your current role performance or help you transition into a new one.

It can help increase your understanding of your strengths and your value. 


Personal coaching

Personal coaching can help you gain perspective about what is meaningful in your life.

It is about finding the sought-after work-life balance ultimately live the life you wish to lead.



Christos Papaioannou

I am a qualified and accredited professional coach (ICF ACC and EMCC) with solid of experience in leadership roles.

My purpose is to support people connect with themselves and others, enabling them to make a difference. 

I am driven by the belief that everyone’s potential could be limitless. This belief derives from person-centred theories that see individuals as whole, resourceful and creative – even when systems put barriers and do not allow us to see this. At the same time, humans are predominantly social, connection and relationships-seeking beings, and I believe in the collective power of groups and organisations to bring change.

I work with individuals who want to work, lead and live authentically and make a difference for themselves and others.

To achieve this I bring together my coaching skills, my years of experience in leadership and my background in psychology.

My clients

Leadership Coaching
When Mosaic’s board needed to conduct my 360 review and was looking outside for a consultant I suggested that Christos had the necessary skillset - and he did not disappoint. He extracted valuable feedback and made sure it was put in a way that was clear, concise and laser focused. He has also been involved in coaching me through it to make sure that appropriate learnings can be taken on board and implemented in the coming year. This was very successful and a whole board review followed.

I have a great respect for Christos’ strategic, executive and coaching skills and would strongly recommend him for any project that requires expertise in those fields.
Lukasz Konieczka
Executive Director, Mosaic LGBT+ young Persons trust
Leadership Coaching
As my coaching journey with Christos came to an end, I managed to build my awareness and gain a deeper level of understanding of my own needs and wills. Christos helped me to define and establish my goals and see them in a realistic way with real dimensions. 

I would absolutely recommend Christos. He is a positive and supportive coach you can trust. An active listener, he is respectful and helps you focus on your goals.
Sotiria Stavropoulou
Human Resources Director
Career Coaching
Christos’s approach worked very well for me. I had a platform and space to actively think about my goals and to explore various facets, mindsets and approaches to life.

I have a more positive mindset and feel that I am more self-aware, that the hunger and zeal to succeed has been reignited in me. I have drawn a plan of action that includes values that are important to me. My path seems clearer and goals feel tangible to me now.

I would not have achieved the growth I feel I have achieved without this coaching.

I would recommend Christos, he’s very professional, listens carefully and directs the coaching in a way that challenges thought processes and explores various beliefs and attitudes. All the sessions were very enjoyable.
Personal Coaching
What I enjoyed most about the sessions was that Christos would ask me questions that I initially didn’t think I‘d have answers to; by the time I finished answering the question I was surprised by my answers — they were answers that were suppressed and it was the question that woke things up in me.
London, UK
Leadership Coaching
Through coaching, I got time to reflect and focus on topics I usually shy away from. Having someone to listen to me, in a safe space, was invaluable!

With Christos’s help, I was able to recognise my strengths — both in work and life. I am thankful that I was given the space to reflect and to realize that I already had some of the answers. Christos is patient, helps you feel at ease, and wants the best for you — this comes out in his coaching.
Andrew M.
Programme Manager
Career Coaching
During the time of the coaching, I was enabled to develop a new understanding of my role in work as well as the work context. I gained many insights that changed my outlook on my role in the team, the NGO world, and the role of the campaigner as well as the context of “the outside world”.

At the same time, the space that Christos held as well as guiding questions allowed me to take a step back and get ownership of my situation and my expectations towards others. This was a massive help in taking first steps in recovering from a draining time working from home under pressure. Overall, the coaching was very empowering and supported me in taking many matters back into my own hands and being responsible about my own wellbeing.

Christos held a great space for exploring even the most difficult questions.
NGO campaigner
Leadership Coaching
Overall, it was very interesting to use different techniques to get to the bottom of my issues and to understand what my priorities in life are. Christos is a great coach, he is very caring, a great listener and provided a safe environment at all times.

I feel more confident and equipped to work on my nervousness when public speaking. I have uncovered various negative beliefs and realised that they are not real, which has given me greater confidence. I learnt that talking to a coach is very important in life and I would definitely do it again in the future.

I also got a new job during the coaching sessions and I feel very confident and happy with the work I am doing. I think I owe a lot of this to Christos.
Finance Manager
Laser Coaching
To my surprise we explored areas that went beyond the specific question I brought and I found it really useful to do so. The coaching session revealed aspects of my decision making process which I had not understood as such before. I have no doubt that this understanding will serve me beyond today’s question far into the future.

I also realised that I can trust and believe in myself; and that I should actually be very proud of myself. All in all it was extremely helpful to have someone to discuss and explore my situation with. I very much appreciate Christos’ calm manner and thoughtful questioning.
Career Coaching
What I enjoyed most in coaching was getting to know myself better through conversations that were difficult for me to have. I also learnt communication tools that I know will help me engage in relationships (of different nature) with people.

Christos created a safe space for me to apply the tools I needed to thrive in my own environment and journey. He was patient, measured and calm, qualities that helped me navigate my professional and personal challenges and difficulties.
Event and Office Manager
Career Coaching
I had a session and a mock interview with Christos prior to my interview for a leadership role - the first one I ever applied for. Christos helped me enormously with my preparation; he reduced my anxiety and helped me to clear up my thoughts and focus.

His questions and comments were helpful and enabling, managing to boost my confidence whilst also giving me direction about what I should think about more. And he predicted one of the questions!!

The preparation with Christos contributed enormously to me getting the job!
Music therapist
Leadership Coaching
I think the biggest change, and what was new for me, is to get with Christos the possibility to reframe and reword things, to see them differently, thanks to the external viewpoint that he was bringing. Starting from specific work situations, his listening and the questions he was asking were helping me to become aware of new aspects that I hadn’t considered in my reasoning before.

Importantly, I think the sessions helped me to be more mindful of my fears, welcoming them and doing some sorting: discarding useless ones that are blockers, and acknowledging useful ones that can stimulate me or warn me against something.

Coaching with Christos empowered me and helped me become more conscious of my objectives and of new ways to achieve them.
Data analyst
Career Coaching
Christos is very good at creating a space where one feels safe to discuss and explore whatever is needed.

He's a good listener and is able to help you connect dots and shift perspective to approach problems from various angles. Having felt a nice connection with Christos made me feel safe and comfortable from the outset, and allowed me to be very open about my struggles.

Coaching allowed me to be bolder in the way I put myself forward for possible roles, even if I may initially think that I am not a good enough fit.
Career Coaching
I really appreciated Christos’ exceptional coaching skills. His questions were insightful and thought-provoking, and his listening skills were exemplary, even when my thoughts were wandering off in different directions. Chirstos was able to bring me back on track and helped me to summarise my ideas and identify the next steps.

Personally, I feel that I have progressed much further than when we first started, and I owe that to Christos’ coaching. Although some of the sessions were difficult due to my scattered thoughts, I realised the importance of expressing them in order to put them into perspective.

His guidance and support have enabled me to connect my thoughts with my emotions, and I am grateful for the positive impact that his coaching has had on me.
Senior manager

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