I see coaching as a way of life and a way to make this world a bit better and more just.



Who I work with

I work with people who are ready to be brave, to explore, learn and unlearn, to test ideas and to make mistakes and grow. Over the past years, I have worked with numerous clients and organisations.

I often work with clients who seek to improve or take a new step in their career; clients who are leaders or future leaders facing complexity and looking to improve their skills; and individuals who want to explore a more fulfilling and confident attitude towards work and life.

My clients come from different professional sectors and have diverse backgrounds. I have worked and I continue working with individuals who have faced discrimination and oppression due to their race, class, sexual orientation, gender identity and physical and cognitive ability.


I believe anyone can be a leader in any type of situation – leadership does not necessarily come with a title or a position. 

There are several good leadership definitions, and I personally like Brene Brown’s definition of a leader as “anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential”.

All leaders, whether new in their roles, or highly experienced, face difficult challenges and obstacles — especially when operating in fast-paced, complex and volatile environments. Leaders adopting a new, or more senior role, managing new sectors, or heading change within a group or an organisation, may require skill development and personal growth in several new directions to ensure success.

Through coaching you can address your biggest challenges and find ways to build teams that are based on trust, connection and belonging, psychological safety, resilience, accountability, learning, innovation and creativity. 

I have a passion for and an ability to provoke insight, facilitate communication, and create an environment of trust. This is all in aid of fostering in-depth exploration and learning.  My leadership coaching is practical and action-focused; it normally involves skilling up, insights and hopefully a few “light bulb” moments. I aim to ensure you become the leader you want to be and that not only are you engaging your people fully, but are also a role model to other leaders.


If you search “career” on Wikipedia you will find the following definition: “[a]. . . career is an individual’s metaphorical “journey” through learning, work and other aspects of life”. A career is not just about what you do from 9 to 5. What do I mean? When you choose your job, you effectively choose how you want to spend the rest of the day, week or month. 

Making such a decision is not always easy. You might need to get more clarity about where you want to take your career, or you may need to understand how you can succeed in meeting your career ambitions and goals. 

Career coaching can help you with your performance in your current role, or help transition you into a new one. It can help increase your understanding of your strengths, your value and the benefit you bring to organisations, while also positively challenging areas you might need to develop so that your performance and job satisfaction are improved. 


I usually prefer to talk about “personal coaching”, although in effect it is not too different from life coaching. Work and career are never isolated from the rest of your life. Personal coaching looks at those areas of life that are equally (or even more) important than work. 

Personal coaching can help you gain perspective about what is meaningful in your life. You can address competing priorities and decide to spend time where your values align. It is about finding the sought-after work-life balance and being present in everything you do. Personal coaching will help you re-address your challenges, whether it be stress, exhaustion, a feeling of being overwhelmed, and even deeper existential questions — coaching enables you to live the life you wish to lead.

For organisations and businesses

I know well how organisations work and what type of leadership challenges they can face. Navigating the complexity of global challenges, local barriers and internal difficulties is not an easy job. Doing so while you strive to meet your organisation’s mission sometimes feels impossible.

  • I work with small and large organisations to create change for individual leaders, managers and teams. 
  • I offer leadership and performance coaching for high potential employees and executive leaders. 
  • I partner with organisations to create the conditions and culture where teams are safe to work successfully.

I also deliver bespoke leadership coaching programmes and workshops, often working with my partners at Positive Change Agents, a collective of leadership coaches I co-founded with Tanya Paget and Raksha Bhalsod. We understand the impact of truly good leadership. We know how valuable diverse teams are for effective organisations. We support you through workshops and goal oriented coaching to become the best leaders you can be, and make positive transformational ripples across an organisation and out into society.

See how our coaching engagement can look like in the Work with me page.